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Welcome to the Lore Seekers kinship website!

We are a rank 10 kin on the Windfola server.  We are a close-knit group of mature players who enjoy all aspects of the game, be it questing/raids, crafting, helping fellow kinmates, and amicable social-interaction.

We are currently recruiting from all classes, at the mid to high levels, with a special hope to find well-developed players (or those willing to learn) who can work and play well together to enhance everyone's game experience, while advancing our characters towards more and more end-game content, for those who desire it, though end-game is not our only goal.  We strive to have a good time, socialize and form friendships with eachother.  We try to learn from one another and other players, understanding that our way is only 'our way', not necessarily the 'best way', and thus, is always open to change.  We play for quest completion to be sure, but enjoying the process is always paramount.  We also like to use a bit of strategy and planning, letting everyone play their characters to the fullest extent whenever possible e.g. hunters should be given time to lay traps (and gather their focus), burglars should be able to sneak a peek around the next corner and report back, and crowd-control (mezzes, stuns, fear, distraction) should be planned and implemented.

Our members tend to be more than just casual players, but certainly not hardcore per se (at least not attitude-wise).  We have players who play the game on a regular basis, at various times throughout the day and night, and we find that this facilitates forming fellowships without having to always resort to PUGs.  We do not want to grow so large that our members get lost in a sea of strangers, but rather, maintain a size such that at most given times there will be enough people online that groups can be formed.

We strongly believe that kinmates should help one another.  This can be by helping with quest completion, crafting armour, jewelry etc., answering questions, and always providing a fun, interactive social network.  To help achieve the social aspect of our goals, beyond just typing in the kin chat window, we have a ventrilo server and many people use it as a hang out even when they are doing solo work as it allows for easy interaction, friendly banter, information exchange etc.

We prefer players to use voice chat (Ventrilo or in-game chat) if possible when in fellowships, the reasons for which are several-fold:

1) It facilitates communication for in-quest strategizing.

2) Furthering the above, it is often difficult to read text chat when a fight is in progress so, for example, typing that you need a heal, or are going to mez a particular mob, is likely to go un-noticed, whereas with voice chat your cry for help or plan of action will come across loud and clear.

3) The written word, especially today's online chat shortforms can often lead to misunderstandings, and comments being misconstrued.  With voice chat, you can hear the tone and quality of a comment, increasing the chances that it will be interpreted as intended.

We are aware that some people cannot always use voice chat for various reasons (e.g. so as to not disturb people around them, no microphone, etc.) but we ask that they activate it in-game and/or join Ventrilo whenever they are on group runs, in order to be able to hear the rest of the fellowship members.

We also encourage participation on the website as our hope is for it to become a social outlet via the forms, email, shout-outs and the like in addition to being a repository of information on all things LOTRO.

Information about our recruitment practices and our kin rules is availlable for you to read on our Kin Rules page.  If you have any questions about the kin, please visit our public forums and post them there. We'll try our best to answer as soon as possible, so don't forget to check-back from time to time to see when we've replied.

If the above appeals to you, and you'd like to apply for membership, please send a /tell or in-game mail to one of our officers and they will get the ball rolling.  For a list of some of our officers, please follow this link.

Thank you, and enjoy!

The Lore Seekers

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